United States Auto Club Event (LA)

On April 12th, 2013, Coaching Corps members from the University of Southern California will be take a group of 17 middle school students from Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) to the United States Auto Club (USAC) Club in San Bernardino.  USAC has a sanctioned youth division where kids ages 5 to 16 race competitively in what is called the Quarter (.25) Midget Division.

Friday starts the national race weekend at the San Bernardino Club and the USAC has invited HOLA youth to tour their facility, watch the youth racers practice, meet racers’ families, sit in the race cars, and have dinner. This will give the kids from HOLA a unique opportunity to learn about a “high barrier of entry” sport, as well as meet a new group of people and be immersed into a new environment.

USAC San Bernardino Club website: http://www.osqmra.com/gpage5.html

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