Training Specialists & Resources


Meet Coaching Corps’ coach training curriculum and coach development specialist, and training advisers.

Suzanne Sillett

Director of Education & Quality, Coaching Corps

With over 25 years of experience in coaching and sports-based youth development, Suzanne directs Coaching Corps’ coach training program. She drives the vision and strategy for training and curriculum, and creates new teaching methods for afterschool programs and coaches. She also develops strategies to engage girls, underserved kids, and youth who have experienced trauma. Suzanne recently co-authored an article on empathy in National AfterSchool Association’s summer issue of AfterSchool Today.

Coach Training Advisers

We regularly engage the following youth development and youth sports specialists to ensure our coach training curriculums reflect the latest research.

  • Dania Cabello, Coaching Corps Trainer
  • Diana Cutaia, Coaching Peace
  • JT Dorsey, JT Dorsey Foundation & Coaching Corps Trainer
  • Kelly Jarvis, NPC Research
  • Rosalinda Mancillas, Coaching Corps Trainer
  • William V. Massey, Ph.D., Oregon State University
  • Jim Oyos, Coaching Corps Trainer
  • Shaina Ross, Program Director, U.S. Soccer Foundation
  • Alejandro Vilchez, Coaching Corps Trainer


If you are new to Coaching Corps, we invite you to learn more about how trauma affects kids and our strengths-based approach to helping them heal, learn and grow. We will continue to share new information, so please continue to check back.