Three Questions with Laura Marquez, 2021 Game Changer Awards Coach of the Year

We were lucky enough to catch up with Laura Marquez, Coaching Corps’ 2021 Game Changer Awards Coach of the Year. Fresh off the heels of this year’s honor, we got the chance to discuss some issues that Laura is particularly passionate about.

In her role as an Onboarding Success Specialist at Step Up Tutoring she relayed the importance empathy plays in coaching young athletes in under-resourced communities, especially given the challenges of the past year. And as a Latina of Mexican heritage, Laura went on to share her insights on how critical it is to have role models that young people can identify with ethnically, culturally and by gender. Finally, with the return to sports Laura had some parting thoughts on how best to manage kids as they adjust to trying to make up for lost time and some of the effects the pandemic has had on their psyche and emotional well-being.

About Laura

Laura has been a coach with Coaching Corps for six years and is the current 2021 Game Changer Awards Coach of the Year, while in 2019 she was also honored as the Game Changer Awards Coach of the Year for San Diego.

Currently she is an Onboarding Success Specialist at Step Up Tutoring where she is responsible for screening, hiring, and training 1,800+ volunteers to mentor and tutor elementary students attending Title 1 schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Prior to that Laura lived in Madrid, Spain for the last 2 years teaching English to young adults. As a 2018 graduate from CSUSM she received a Bachelor of Arts in Criminology & Justice Studies and a double minor in Psychological Science and Spanish.

Whether it be volunteering and coaching youth in her community or peer mentoring students at her university, giving back to the community has always been a passion of Laura’s. With almost a decade under her belt in volunteer mentorship, Laura has been working toward a career where she can continue to share her passion for coaching with others, while growing personally and professionally.

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