There is Something You Can Do

In the last 48 hours, we have seen the closure of almost all the schools and afterschool programs that Coaching Corps partners with to offer sports with a trained coach. Parks and Recreation Departments in both Los Angeles and Oakland soon followed suit.

Since then we have received numerous requests from our afterschool program partners to help with this unprecedented situation. In Oakland alone, almost 50,000 students, over 80% of whom are from the neighborhoods our afterschool program partners serve, are now staying home or hitting the streets, with no other alternatives for the foreseeable future.

With parents trying to hold down jobs that offer no sick leave, needs are many and volunteers to help are few. Which is where we come in, and where you can help. Schools need people to help distribute the school lunches without which many kids will not have enough to eat. And they need people to do much more than that.

Coaching Corps is calling on our community to join us in meeting the urgent needs of the moment. If you are not in a category identified as high risk for exposure to COVID-19 and wondering how you might help, please click the link below to indicate your interest.

Yes, Please Let Me Know How I Can Help.

As we learn of safe opportunities to help children and families, we will communicate regional needs with anyone who voluntarily signs up for more information. We recommend you also follow your local school districts and agencies to learn the most relevant ways you can help the communities closest to you.

On behalf of Coaching Corps, we are immensely grateful for your support during this difficult time.

Janet Carter
President and CEO

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