Take The Under Armour Empathy Challenge!

Coaching Corps is excited to announce the launch of the Empathy Challenge happening today as part of our kickoff at Armour Week in partnership with Under Armour!

The Empathy Challenge is an exciting opportunity for us all to do our part in providing a more supportive and caring environment for our kids and can be fulfilled in three ways:

1.  Sign-up To Become A Coach

As youth sports return, kids need trained and empathetic coaches more than ever. We invite you to Join the Corps to become that person who positively impacts our youth. And while competitive sport is fun and enriching to young people and the fundamentals of the game are important, what is needed most is someone who is dedicated, shares life experiences, and cares about their players. 

2.  Take Our Free Empathy Training

If you are already a coach of kids in under-resourced communities, we invite you to take our free Empathy Training. Kids who have an empathetic coach know they will be listened to, that their perspective and experience will be heard and understood without judgement. When young people experience empathy, they will feel more connected, are able to make friends more easily, have a higher capacity to learn and grow, and can experience fewer damaging effects of repeated stress.

3.  Spread The Word!

We invite you to head over to our Coach Recruitment page at www.coachingcorps.org/become-a-coach/ and share the page on social media with the hashtag #EmpathyChallenge. Given the challenges of the pandemic and shutdowns, there is an unprecedented shortage of coaches at this critical moment for kids who need the guidance of a caring adult and mentor the most. By posting this message across your personal social channels, you will serve as a beacon to inspire others.

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