Malleke Lord

Coach Development Manager – Southern California, San Diego

Malleke has coached and mentored hundreds of kids in a variety of sports and youth programs for over 10 years. His focus is on reaching underserved communities — similar to where he grew up in the low-income areas of Los Angeles — and helping kids realize their potential. Prior, Malleke was the Associate Branch Director and Athletic Director of the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica, Mar Vista Gardens, and held various supervisor and coordinator roles for Los Angeles Unified School District’s during-school and after-school programs.

Malleke’s extensive experience in teams, sports and coaching development led him to join the team at Coaching Corps where he hopes to have an even greater impact on kids’ lives. He credits youth sports for instilling respect, teamwork and discipline into his own life and hopes to set up the next generation of kids to win on the field, and in life. When he isn’t working, he’s playing rugby and soccer or spending time with his family rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles. Fly Eagles Fly!