SDSU Hosts “Take Your Team to College Day”

On Friday, April 26th, Coaching Corps’ San Diego State University (SDSU) Chapter hosted their bi-annual Take Your Team to College Day.

From the field to the campus, chapter leaders Sahar Osmani, Melissa Pouch, Shelby Gleghorn, Cole Rapkin, and Coach Stephen Downs took the Youth and Leaders Living Actively (YALLA) Girls Soccer Team to SDSU for a campus tour. YALLA uses soccer to motivate child survivors of war and immigrant youth to help rebuild their lives through education and eco-therapy programs.

“Coaching Corps doesn’t just coach youth – we mentor and inspire them to be the best they can be in all facets of life,” said Melissa Pouch.  “Take Your Team to College Day allows young people, like the girls from YALLA, to gain perspective into what the future holds for them so that they can frame their future in a positive direction.”

The afternoon began with an icebreaker and introductions.  Then the chapter leaders led a guided tour for the team around the campus dorms, the library, commons area, and settled into a large lecture room for an in-depth question and answer session.

The young players also met with two faculty members from the Student Life and Leadership, and the Financial Aid office. Both provided the girls with the realities of student living. The day ended with a picnic lunch where the girls were able to socialize with the Coaching Corps chapter student leaders.

Take Your Team to College Day was definitely a great success for the chapter,” said SDSU Chapter President Sahar Osmani. “This year we had multiple guest speakers from various offices of SDSU speak to the girls about resources on campus, as well as ways to get involved and make the most of their future college experience. It was a great day as we watched the girls grow their interest in higher education, and all of the possibilities that can come their way once they have enrolled in college.”

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