SDSU Coaching Corps Chapter Goes to the Carnival

On Saturday, April 14th the San Diego State University (SDSU) Coaching Corps chapter hosted a “sports area” booth at a free children’s carnival sponsored by SDSU.   Hundreds of children and youth, along with their families, attended the fair and had a chance to compete in games, win prizes and spend an enjoyable day outdoors.  The Coaching Corps chapter hosted a sports area where children competed in two challenges:  score a soccer goal or shoot a basketball.  As the children gave it their best “shot”, we demonstrated positive coaching techniques like encouragement, game tips and nudging them toward success.  Many children came back with big smiles eager to play again. Additionally, we engaged in conversations with parents about the importance of sports in the life of a child and provided them with information from our local partner programs.  It was an excellent day of Coaching Corps community building.  We will be sure to be back again next year!

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