Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force – June Convening Recap

This week in Oakland, CA, the Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force convened for a dynamic discussion to outline a sports equity agenda that will help level the playing field of youth sports as a powerful way to reduce systemic barriers. Local leaders and stakeholders have committed to finding community solutions to enable access to safe and quality sports experiences in Black and Brown neighborhoods.

The group is comprised of community leaders throughout Oakland who serve in leadership roles for community-based organizations, school districts, afterschool programs, sports leagues, advisory councils, and Oakland-based professional athletes who together have access to levers to make change.

The Oakland Task Force will serve as a model for other communities throughout the country to help guide future task forces with tactics and strategies to come together to use the collective powers of the group to make change and remove barriers for kids of color in under-resourced communities. This hyper-localized approach provides a framework for community stakeholders to work together to make sure kids have access to sports and to a coach mentor outside the home.

The group will convene monthly and deliver a sports equity agenda for implementation early 2022.

Members of the Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force. Additional members joined via Zoom.
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