Racial Equity and Access In Youth Sports Task Force – August Convening Recap


Meeting Notes – August 17, 2021

The third meeting saw the group take another step forward in building the foundation for the Systems Change Theory of Action that our group will co-create to address inequity in youth sports. In meeting #3, we utilized the framework provided by the six interdependent conditions (discussed in meeting #2) that hold a social and environmental problem in place (Inequity in Youth Sport) to build consensus around our group “equity statements” as well as defining the “equity gaps” our group will focus on.

The Task Force was broken into four subcommittees and each has been assigned one “equity gap.” The task for the subcommittee will be to unpack the gap, why it exists, who it affects, and what we will do to address it. Groups will meet virtually between full Task Force meetings and then “share out” laterally to the entire group what each subcommittee has been accomplished and any recommendations it intends to make.

We will continue to use Dr. Randall Lindsey’s 4 Tool of Cultural Proficiency as our foundation and The Waters for Systems Change Action Plan as our framework.

Confirmed Equity Gaps:

  • Lack of Investment
  • Opportunities to Participate
  • Leadership Positions
  • Volunteerism

In September, subcommittee groups will report on progress made towards “unpacking” their assigned equity gap, make final recommendations to joint equity statements, and revisit Systems Change worksheets and begin the process of incorporating content into our equity agenda.

About the Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force:

The Task Force comprises community leaders throughout Oakland who serve in leadership roles for community-based organizations, school districts, afterschool programs, sports leagues, advisory councils, and Oakland-based professional athletes who together have access to levers to make change. 

This hyper-localized approach provides a framework for community stakeholders to work together to ensure kids have access to sports and a coach mentor outside the home.

The group will convene monthly and deliver a sports equity agenda for implementation in early 2022.

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