Positive Coaching Alliance and Coaching Corps Partner Up to Reach Coaches

Positive Coaching Alliance, whose mission is to be a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture in all communities across the U.S., and Coaching Corps, an organization that trains volunteer coaches to teach social and emotional skills to kids of color living in low-income communities, have partnered to engage and train community members as qualified coaches to ensure they are available to youth in underserved communities across the country.

Together, these two nonprofits are committed to:

  • Collaborating to provide the best possible resources to ALL coaches across the country.
  • Ensuring that if someone wants to coach in an underserved community, they will have the opportunity and resources to do so effectively.
  • Collaborating on best practices for coaching youth who have experienced trauma.
  • Providing after school programs serving youth who qualify for free or reduced school lunches with a trained workforce of coaches so that they can offer sports
  • Conducting the first of several webinars for coaches who need resources and support to coach kids during the pandemic, and once sports come back. The first of these webinars, on National Coaches Day, is scheduled for later today at 2:00pm PST hosted by Sacramento Republic FC.

PCA and Coaching Corps both work to increase access to high-quality coaches trained in developing social/emotional skills and improving health outcomes for youth and help young people become the best version of themselves.

We know that youth benefit most from a positive, inclusive sports culture that develops social and emotional skills, molds character and prepares them for life’s challenges. We also know that low income youth are only half as likely to play sports on a regular basis. 

Coaching Corps CEO, Janet Carter, believes that, “Our partnership with PCA will enable us to provide kids in underserved neighborhoods throughout the country with the health and educational benefits of playing sports. Together, we can work towards a day when all kids have equal access to quality sports programs regardless of their zip code.”

“With the ultimate goal of positive youth development, it is a great move to work with Coaching Corps and share our research-based training and resources for coaches to improve culture and ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids through sports,” echoed PCA CEO, Chris Moore.

Janet Carter

Chief Executive Officer 

Coaching Corps

Chris Moore

Chief Executive Officer 

Positive Coaching Alliance

For more information on Positive Coaching Alliance visit their website or follow them on social media (Facebook: @PositiveCoachUS Twitter: @PositiveCoachUS and Instagram: positivecoachus)

For more information on Coaching Corps visit our website or follow us on social media (Facebook: @CoachingCorps, Twitter: @CoachingCorps, and Instagram: coachingcorps)

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About Positive Coaching Alliance:

As a catalyst for a positive youth sports culture, Positive Coaching Alliance provides research-based training and resources for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders to ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids, in all communities across the U.S., through sports. PCA ensures sports are ‘done right’ with programming that is research-based and designed to have impact at three levels in a youth sports organization or school:

  • YOUTH experience improved life skills and character development.
  • COACHES become more positive and increase their focus on using sports to teach life lessons.
  • YOUTH SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS AND SCHOOLS see their cultures become more positive and everyone involved has more fun.

PCA believes that all youth can benefit from a positive, inclusive sports culture that develops social and emotional skills, molds character, and prepares them for competition and life. In more than two decades of work, PCA expanded from a small local nonprofit to a strong, nationwide organization that provides programming in all 50 states, reaching thousands of organizations around the country and positively impacting millions of youth athletes every year. PCA has now partnered with roughly 3,500 schools and youth sports organizations nationwide to deliver more than 20,000 live group workshops, reaching over 20 million youth. Learn more about Positive Coaching Alliance at www.positivecoach.org.

About Coaching Corps:

Since 2012, Coaching Corps has been fueling a movement of skilled coaches to give kids of color living in low-income communities the sports mentors they want and deserve. By partnering with over 600 afterschool programs across the country, Coaching Corps has provided more than 200,000 young people with the opportunity to play sports under the guidance of a caring, well-trained coach. Informed by the latest research on youth character development, Coaching Corps trains coaches to foster persistence, optimism, and empathy in kids, providing coaches with the ongoing support they need to ensure children in under-resourced communities learn skills that last lifetimes. 

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