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We’ve heard inspiring and moving stories from Lindsay Gottlieb, Antonio Davis, Marcus Semien, Dave Stewart, and more these past few weeks in our month-long celebration of National Coaches Day. We all have a responsibility to give back, and being a volunteer coach is one way to have an incredible impact.


And now we are humbly asking you for your support. Double your impact today!

Coaching Corps provides great training and support for community members to help make humanity better. We met four years ago as player and coach, and through our involvement with Coaching Corps, we’ve had the chance to give back to Oakland and each other.


Kids need to see successful outcomes and someone from their neighborhood telling them they can do it. We live it, which is why we both love to coach. Nothing feels better than seeing firsthand the transformation of young people.


Let’s close out the National Coaches Day Celebration with a buzzer-beater! Pay it forward and double your impact today, thanks to a generous $10,000 match from former NBA players Antonio Davis, Bill Duffy, Brian Shaw, Gary Payton, and Greg Foster. 

Thank you to all the Coaching Corps coaches making a big difference in the lives of kids who need that extra assist.


In Community,

Shawn Granberry, Coaching Corps Coach of Josh Jones

Josh Jones, Coaching Corps Athlete and Coaching Corps Coach

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