Positive Coaching Alliance and Coaching Corps are joining forces to become a powerhouse organization dedicated to optimizing the positive impact of youth coaches on kids. Because when every child has access to a game-changing coach trained in youth development, s/he is able to gain life skills through sport, build healthy habits, and become beacons for positive change in their communities.

The merging of these two organizations will yield unparalleled, best-in-class trainings and resources for coaches to create positive sports environments where kids thrive, an enhanced ability to partner with more schools, afterschool programs, and community organizations, increased engagement of parents in sports settings, and advances towards racial equity by closing the gap in sports participation in communities of color.

With the power of the Positive Coaching Alliance name and national network of parents, coaches, and schools, combined with Coaching Corps’ grassroots, community-based expertise in low-income communities of color, the merged organization will ensure that every child has access to healthy youth sports experiences.

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