Innovative Youth Sports Coaching App MOJO Teams Up with Coaching Corps to Level the Playing Field in Sports

MOJO, the breakthrough youth sports mobile app, today officially announces its partnership with Coaching Corps, a leading national nonprofit for coach mentoring and sports-based youth development. MOJO and Coaching Corps have teamed up to give kids of all backgrounds access to world-class coaching – with MOJO providing its premium offering, MOJO+, to Coaching Corps’ 10,000 volunteer coaches for free.

The MOJO app builds personalized practices customized to the age, skill level and the preferences of each team — based on a curriculum developed in conjunction with the country’s top coaches and experts in the fields of youth sports and child psychology. The one-touch technology continuously learns about a coach and team to deliver age-appropriate and engaging activities, games and challenges that kids will enjoy during practice.

Coaching Corps is a national organization that recruits, trains and supports energetic community members to use sports to teach kids valuable life lessons – and to foster physical activity, skill-building and character-building.

“MOJO and Coaching Corps are a natural fit. We both believe in the power of youth sports to change lives for the better,” said MOJO CEO and founder Ben Sherwood. “Only one-third of kids from low-income families play organized sports, meaning the vast majority are missing out on all the lifelong benefits. Every kid should have access to the best coaching. Every coach should have access to the best resources. Together, MOJO and Coaching Corps can bring the best resources to kids and coaches everywhere, regardless of zip code, background or ability.” 

“MOJO is going to make coaching easier, more enjoyable, less stressful and more fun for Coaching Corps’ coaches around the country,” said Coaching Corps CEO, Janet Carter. “That means our coaches can focus on building strong relationships with their young athletes and inspiring them to reach their full potential. Partnering with MOJO strengthens our ability to bring the best ideas and resources to our volunteers and to make a real difference in the lives of the kids we serve.” 

MOJO and Coaching Corps will also launch a content partnership that brings the best of Coaching Corps’ training to MOJO’s audience of parent-coaches while showcasing MOJO’s best-in-class instructional videos, how-to, Q&As, advice and profiles to Coaching Corps volunteers.

As a reminder, MOJO is providing MOJO+, to Coaching Corps’ 10,000 volunteer coaches for free. Coaches will receive information on how to download their MOJO+ app directly from Coaching Corps.

About MOJO

MOJO is on a mission to make youth sports more fun for everyone — one kid, one coach, one family at a time. Launched in February 2021, MOJO is a robust digital platform that empowers parents who coach youth sports to bring world-class training to the largest pool of players in the world — kids aged 13 and under. MOJO believes that youth sports has the power to transform lives, not just for the kids on the field but the coaches and parents on the sidelines. MOJO is committed to equity, inclusion and helping level the playing field for kids everywhere. For more information, visit www.mojo.sport. MOJO can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Coaching Corps

Since 2012, Coaching Corps has been fueling a movement of skilled coaches to give youth in low-income communities the sports mentors they want and deserve. By partnering with over 500 afterschool programs across the country, Coaching Corps has provided more than 200,000 young people with the opportunity to play sports under the guidance of a caring, well-trained coach. Informed by the latest research on youth character development, Coaching Corps trains coaches to foster persistence, optimism, self-regulation and empathy in kids, providing coaches with the ongoing support they need to ensure children in under-resourced communities learn skills that last lifetimes. Learn more about Coaching Corps at www.coachingcorps.org.



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