Meet Coaching Corps’ Game Changer Of The Month Antonio Davis

Coaching Corps is proud to announce this month’s Game Changer of the Month, Antonio Davis.

In addition to serving as a key supporter and spokesperson for our most recent “Be Ready” campaign promoting free empathy training for coaches of kids of color in low-income communities, he has been making a difference in the lives of so many youth for a very long time.

Before Antonio was an NBA All-Star, President of NBPA, and community activist, he was a kid from Oakland, California, who had the benefit of a caring coach who guided him to make choices that would ultimately lead to his many successes. His appreciation of this dynamic between a coach and a young person is what has fueled his many efforts to give back and provide these same opportunities to those in his hometown community.

Moving back to Oakland several years ago, Antonio became active in his community, working to revitalize the very recreational center he attended in his youth. The Willie Keyes Recreational Center saw a full renovation of its facilities and the creation of a vibrant educational curriculum. Today, the center serves as a safe oasis for many young people in West Oakland and is the place he knew as a child.

During the pandemic, Antonio worked in partnership with Coaching Corps to both organize efforts and volunteer at the Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program’s food distribution center where he rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside community volunteers to ensure that the center would be able to remain operational and provide meals to families hardest hit during the height of the pandemic. Antonio also forged relationships with local food vendors throughout the East Bay and secured over 300,000 pounds of food to donate in the Oakland and Richmond communities. 

Most recently Antonio joined the Board of Directors of Coaching Corps, where he immediately got to work with the team helping bring to life “Be Ready” efforts to promote the importance of empathy. He also serves as a lead ambassador of Coaching Corps’ first national effort to offer free empathy training to coaches of kids in under-resourced communities.

As a passionate, caring, and selflessly devoted leader who relishes creating opportunity, Antonio Davis represents all the traits that embody what Coaching Corps stands for and we could not be prouder to have him as our Game Changer of the Month for June!

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