Let’s Move Forward…

Dear Coach,

For Coaching Corps, sport is a coach’s tool to build strong children and to help teach valuable life lessons. While the fields of play are our classrooms, we also know that teachable moments transcend sports. These are the moments and events that capture a young person’s attention and represent an opportunity for a caring adult to provide insight and help kids make sense of the world and their place in it.

Young people often have a difficult time understanding the contradictions of the world but as adult role models and coaches, part of our job is to help them to make sense of these contradictions. For example, in the aftermath of the 2016 election, how do we square divisive campaign rhetoric with the core values kids are taught by parents and good coaches?

As an organization dedicated to harnessing the power of coaches to impact kids, we want to remind coaches everywhere of your ability to reinforce the valuable life lessons our kids learn through sports. In these divided times, traits like persistence, optimism, self-regulation, and empathy are more important than ever. Coaches set the tone and create an environment where everyone feels safe, valued and important. This is how kids thrive, grow and learn. Creating a culture of togetherness, respect and compassion is part of the coach’s role. These are the ingredients that will positively influence young people’s development.

Our Coaching Corps community is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated and committed volunteers, donors and supporters. As we move forward, let us continue to reinforce these critical lessons with the knowledge and belief that we are better together.

Yours in play,

Coach Suz

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