Partner Of The Month: Jackie Robinson Family YMCA

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Coaching Corps is proud to honor the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA as our November Partner of the Month!

Dedicated to improving the quality of life for all youth to help them realize their fullest potential, the program staff offers a variety of sports, academic programs, and services focused on youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility within the confines of their world-class facility. Serving under-resourced communities in southeastern San Diego, the branch provides a welcoming and safe space for youth to learn and grow through sports in an environment that kids want to come back to.

Founded in 1943, the organization represents a homegrown lifeline to youth that has played an active role in bringing about meaningful, enduring change from within the community it has served for almost eighty years. In fact, today, most of the volunteers and youth leaders at the facility were themselves graduates of the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA. They have come back to provide the next generation of young people with the very same opportunities the Y offered them.

While the newly renovated facility offers a state-of-the-art fitness center, pristine indoor basketball courts, and access to an expansive, multi-use sports arena that includes a soccer pitch and sprawling baseball field, the true amenity of this space is the sense of dignity, pride, and confidence the program offers every kid who walks through those doors. Their facility truly serves as a community hub that brings children, adults, and neighborhood groups together. As the nation’s leading non-profit committed to strengthening the community, the organization continues to invest in our youth by providing ongoing support, encouragement, and a sense of connectedness from the family-based culture that is the hallmark of this chapter and the culture of the YMCA.

To learn more about the Jackie Robinson Family YMCA, you can visit their website by clicking here

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