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Vidal Sandoval

Venice High School Los Angeles, California
nominated by Malleke Lord
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Venice High School
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He is most known for the caterpillar he keeps over his lip and always being there for his team
Why They're My Game Changer
I have played a variety of sports and had several types of coaches, but the one coach that I base my coaching philosophy on is coach Sandoval, my high school track coach. I did not consider myself a track runner. I was only on his track team, so I would not have to take a 6-period class in high school in between my sports seasons. I thought I could have flown by under the radar and do the bare minimum, but not with coach Sandoval, he was always there to push me, and everyone else to be better. We had 3 groups when we practiced: the "A" group top runners, "B" group average runners, and "C" group beginners and injured runners. I was an “A” group runner, however I would fake an injury or come up with excuses to be in the “C” group. I did not want to do all that extra work the “A” group was expected to do, also majority of girls on our team was in the "C" group. I thought, why would anyone want to run hard when you could just run half speed and hang out with girls all period. Coach would constantly call me out if whenever I would slack off, and he would place me back in the “A” group because of his expectations of everyone. When we went running off campus I would sneak away from the “A” group and do a shorter workout with the “C” group but he was there. Honestly, I did not like him at first, I felt he was always there when I didn’t want him to be. I was planning to quit the team after the first season, because I was not accustomed to the work load. I was not sure why I went back to the team the following year, but realize his presence was something to appreciate rather than resent him. His drive for pushing his expectations of me helped me realize I did not want to disappoint him or myself. It allowed me to gain confidence and determination to improve. Coach Sandoval gave up his free time during nutrition, lunch and after school, to provide a safe place for students to gather something witnessed many students benefited from. He changed the game for me because the coaching philosophy that I use to this day is to always be there for your athletes and expect more from them whether they want you to or not and help them see the greatness in themselves.

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