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Sam Harrison

Stockton Mavericks Stockton, California
nominated by Monica Valenzuela
Score 289
  • 189
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Sports Coached
Stockton Mavericks
Favorite Saying
There's one thing that coach Sam always saidf that I still hear it in my head to this day and its been around 6 years since he last coached me. "Come sit with me." It's hard to describe how he actually said it becauce it was said in a very serious but goofy way, a serious threat. This was said only when he was telling us things that we did that would cause us to sit on the bench. Some examples could be not hustling on defense, turnovers, or even because of an attitude. He would line us up, expain what we did wrong, move his hips side to side, wag his finger back and forth, and say "Come sit with me."
Known For
Coach Sam will always be known for his love for every one of his players. He builds this special bond with us. He is like my second dad. We were able to talk about anything and said that we could call him at anytime if we were in trouble or just needed a good listener. One thing i will never forget is that he said he wanted to meet any boyfriend of mine to make sure he was good enough for me. He will never forget us. We will always have a special place in his heart and in mine too. I've had many coaches in my 12 years of playing the game. I've never had this special relationship with any other coach.
Why They're My Game Changer
Coach Sam Harrison was one of the toughest coaches involved my the AAU program, the Stockton Mavericks and at the time, a very important staff member of the girls varsity team at St. Mary's High School. If you know St. Mary's and their womens basketball history, you would know that they are and always will be a very successful team. I knew what I was up against. When he coached me as an eighth grader, I was still that shy girl on the team, afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I was still unsure how far I wanted to take my basketball career. Sam changed my game in a major way. He is one of the main reasons im playing Division II basketball. He gave me confidence that I never knew I could have. Saw that I was this diamond in rough that just needed a little shining. He believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. When he surpirsed me at my college signing, all I could do is cry.

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