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Great coaches transform lives, often without recognition. Help us change that.

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Celebrate the coach who changed the game for you

Celebrate a coach who changed the game for you

Year after year, professional athletes participate to Coaching Corps’ Game Changer Awards to celebrate the transformative power of the coaches who assisted them on their road to success. One by one, these mentors stress the importance of helping young people become the best they can be off the field through the values of sports.

Sports touch nearly everyone. One does not need to make it to the pros to benefit from having a coach or a mentor in their corner. These lessons are life lessons. That’s why we launched the first community-centered Hall of Fame to celebrate the dedication of great coaches everywhere.

From the ones who have made it to the big leagues, to the coaches that change lives every weekend through youth and recreational sports, we are creating a place to honor them forever.

Our goal is to generate awareness around and celebrate the difference a coach can make in a child’s life, and we’re inviting you to participate! Great coaches transform lives, often without recognition. Help us change that!

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Every time you get a like, share or donation on behalf of your coach, you’ll be giving underprivileged kids the opportunity to work with a great coach like yours. So spread the word and make a difference now!