“Game Day” for Girls

On, Friday, December 7th, Coaching Corps teamed up with America Scores to organize the the third annual “Game Day” for girls. The event took place at the Salvation Army in San Francisco, where over 80 girls participated in fun soccer-related activities.

Teams consisted of girls ages 5 to 11 from Redding Elementary, Glide, Jean Parker Elementary, and Spring Valley Elementary. Each team had the opportunity to play 2 to 3 games and the event ended with an exciting mother-daughter game.

Kailani Calica, a volunteer coach who led the girls in their warmups said, “I didn’t expect so many girls to attend and it was nice that they were able to come and play. I was extremely happy that my girls enjoyed it as well.”

We are looking forward to working with our partners to bring “Game Day” for girls to even more young girls next year!

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