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February 1, 2022
Igniting The Spark


Because we believe the opportunity to experience the benefits of high-quality youth sports is a right all kids deserve, the Racial Equity and Access In Youth Sports Task Force was created to identify and address the systemic barriers preventing equitable youth sports participation in Black and Brown communities in order to provide kids greater access to sports and the benefits that come from a caring coach.

While many significant systemic obstacles exist, one very real barrier is the simple lack of space and platform for community changemakers to convene and collaborate to address these barriers from within the community. It is with this spirit that we have launched “From Barriers To Belief”, a month-long event that is one part inspiration one part activation.

This is the story of what is possible when passionate community stakeholders come together within under-resourced communities to provide greater access to high-quality sports for kids of color and the very real truth that these successes can be patterned and accomplished in all communities.

This is an invitation to leaders and community stakeholders from across the country to raise their hand this month and take the first step in building a dialogue and finding solutions together. This includes providing an opportunity to connect with our team and facilitate several first contacts over the course of the month and so that we may begin to build a national dialogue and blueprint for knowledge sharing across all communities.

Expanding Our Sports Equity
to San Diego


We are excited to announce that we are building our second Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force in San Diego within the region’s low-income Black and Brown communities.

What makes this accomplishment particularly momentous for us, is with the expanded footprint and capabilities our merger with Positive Coaching Alliance provides, we are now looking to pilot this second launch in San Diego as a blueprint to building Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Forces all over the country.

In the coming days we will be making first contact with our partners in San Diego and be taking you on this journey with us over social media and our blog as it unfolds through the month of February!

FEBRUARY 8, 2022
First contact San Diego

The Moment You Get Involved

We can think of no better time than Black History Month to share this ambition and put the call out to community leaders across the country working hard to uplift low-income communities of color to join the conversation and make your first contact with us during the the month-long From Barriers To Belief Initiative to further this effort.

Whether you have a mobilized a community-based group of your own, are interested in starting a task force or just want to begin a dialogue on racial equity in youth sports we want to hear from you.