Dave Stewart on the Needs of a Youth Athlete

A LETTER FROM Dave Stewart, mlb all-star and hall of famer

Growing up, I always somehow had what I needed…a new bat, a glove, and most of all, great coaches. Coaches who taught me not just how to be a better baseball player but also kept me off the streets and taught me to give back to this community that made me.   

It’s what I love about Coaching Corps: they make sure that kids have what they need by training ordinary people to become great sports coaches in under-resourced communities.     

Everything we do is driven by our core belief that every child should have an opportunity for a meaningful and enriching sports experience as a means to connect to and lift their community. And coaches are central to ensuring that young people benefit from the physical, mental, and academic benefits that sports can provide. 

A generous $10,000 match allows you to double your impact today for Coaching Corps’ National Coaches Day Celebration, thanks to former NBA players, Antonio Davis, Bill Duffy, Brian Shaw, Gary Payton and Greg Foster. Your gift helps Coaching Corps be ready to support kids who need it most, on and off the field.

In Community,

Dave Stewart

MLB All-Star and Hall of Famer

P.S. I’m pitching the ball to Coaching Corps staff member and coach, Blake Maciel – stay tuned!

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