Coaching Corps Ambassadors

We admire and are grateful for these individuals who have lent their time, voices, funds and vast social networks to magnify the need for coaches and volunteers to act on behalf of kids in low-income communities.

  • Shooty Babitt

    Former MLB player, NBC Sports Bay Area analyst

  • Dusty Baker
    Current MLB manager for the Houston Astros and retired player

  • Dallas Braden

    Former MLB player, NBC Sports Bay Area analyst

  • Antonio Davis
    Former NBA All-Star and ESPN Analyst

  • Rickey Henderson

    Hall of Fame MLB player and World Series champion

  • Jason Kidd

    NBA Hall of Fame player and 10 X All-Star

  • Gary Pettis

    Current MLB coach and retired MLB player

  • Stephen Piscotty
    Current Right fielder for the Oakland Athletics

  • Jimmy Rollins

    MLB World Series champion, Philadelphia Phillies

  • CC Sabathia

    MLB World Series champion, New York Yankees

  • Marcus Semien
    Current Shortstop for the Oakland Athletics

  • Dave Stewart

    MLB World Series champion and Coaching Corps Trustee

  • Dontrelle Willis

    MLB World Series champion and current Fox Sports analyst

Coaching Corps Corporate Partners

Coaching Corps is grateful for these corporate do-gooders for their generous contributions of time, goods, and funds – which helps Coaching Corps reach as many youth in low income communities as possible.

  • FitPro USA

  • NBC Sports Bay Area

  • True Capital Management