Corps Curriculum December 2021

Positive Coaching Alliance and Coaching Corps announced a merger to drive significant change within the youth sports space. The combined strength of these organizations will help ensure access to trained, caring coaches at a critical moment for youth. 

As 2021 comes to a close, join us and take a look back and celebrate all that we accomplished together! With your support, we continued our efforts to ensure that kids in low-income communities of color can benefit from the positive impact coaches can have on their lives through sports. 

We are proud to honor The WRAP Program as our Corps Partner for the month of December. A citywide afterschool program managed by the Long Beach Unified School District, the WRAP Program ensures that thousands of local students and families have access to high-quality expanded learning programs.

We are excited to honor Michael DeSimone, Athletic Director of the Charter School of Educational Excellence, as December’s Game Changer! Since building the program in 2012, the program now has 20 interscholastic sports and serves as a springboard for students to attend college and receive sports scholarships.

Want to nominate someone as our next Game Changer or Partner of the Month? Let us know! 

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