College Sports Day at Dominican

On Sunday, November 4th, student volunteers from the Coaching Corps chapter at Dominican University welcomed youth to campus for College Sports Day. 20 young people and their families from LIFT-Levántate came to the campus for a day of college awareness and athletic fun. LIFT- Levántate is an afterschool sports program serving Marin County dedicated to addressing the most challenging health and wellness issues confronting families in lower socioeconomic communities.

College Sports Day aims to inspire youth, many of whom have never stepped foot on a college campus, to dream big and show them that college is desirable, important, and possible.

Many of the youth in attendance would be the first in their families to attend college, making the exposure to university life all that more important. Little over half of California’s kids attend college and this number is dramatically lower for kids from struggling communities or those whose parents did not attend.

Jillian Nunes, the Coaching Corps at Dominican president and an athlete on the women’s soccer team, kicked off the event with three soccer drills. After a series of sports drills with two soccer players, a basketball player, and three volunteers from Dominican, youth sat down for a Q&A with their new college friends.

Following the drills, youth participants toured Dominican University with a Coaching Corps coach and a college athlete.

The tour brought them to the beautiful Conlan Center, where the men’s basketball team was practicing. Coach Mendoza from Men’s Basketball took a moment to speak with participants about the value of teamwork, studying hard, and practicing. “If you want to play sports for your favorite school, what do you have to do first? Stay in school.”

The collaboration between Dominican, Coaching Corps and LIFT- Levántate highlighted all three organizations’ commitment to human development through academic and athletic achievement.

The kids thought it was a success as well.  In the closing circle, parting comments included things like “The college students are really good role models”, “I learned I can be a good student AND an athlete” and “Sports is important, but so is school”.



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