Coaching Corps Releases New Report on School Wellness Policies

Coaching Corps’ new report, Utilizing School Wellness Policies to Get & Keep Kids Physically Active, highlights how these wellness policies can be powerful levers to ensure young people receive the physical activity they need to lead healthy, successful and thriving lives.

Some key recommendations found in the report include:

  • Engage community stakeholders at every level: Parents, families, community groups, leaders and members offer a wealth of knowledge, resourcefulness and networks that can help ensure wellness policies and plans are community-led, from design to implementation.
  • Create Wellness Committees:  Designate a group of dedicated stakeholders, including parents and caregivers, responsible for developing, implementing and monitoring the wellness policy plan so it stays accountable and on course.
  • Train and empower parents and caregivers to facilitate physical activity and sports before, during and after school: These are critical times during the day  when many children in low-income communities could greatly benefit from structured sports and physical activity lead by volunteer coaches trained in principles of youth development.  

Click here to read the full report.

For questions, contact Sheilagh Polk, sheilaghp@coachingcorps.org

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