Coaching Corps Partners with MSYSA to help Transform Lives

GLENWOOD, MD (June 4, 2021): The Maryland State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) today officially announces its partnership with Coaching Corps, a Oakland, CA-based nonprofit that recruits, trains, and supports energetic community members to use sports as a tool to teach kids valuable life lessons. This partnership will further grow the game of soccer within Maryland and the District of Columbia by providing and increasing access to quality sports opportunities for youth in under-resourced communities, in addition to having a positive impact on organizations and coach development across our affiliate and member network.  

Coaching Corps’ trainings provide the framework to create meaningful connections with young people, seek to understand youth’s experiences, help develop social-emotional skills and develop positive outcomes for all players including those in under-resourced communities and beyond. 

As part of the partnership, all MSYSA registered coaches and administrators will gain free access to nationally recognized trainings such as Coaching with Empathy and Coaching for Character in addition to, resources supporting coaches to teach kids valuable life lessons through sports. MSYSA members will also have extended access to the latest in sports activities, videos, and tools from a network of experts through Coaches Corner, a digital portal for coach training, resources, and national discussion forums.  

 “We recognize the transformative impact that playing soccer can have on players and in local communities. This partnership strengthens our ability to offer the best resources to our coaching staff and thousands of member coaches, that go beyond the X’s and O’s of coaching to a life-changing, holistic youth development approach that also teaches social/emotional skills and helps young people become the very best version of themselves.” Nathean Meadows, MSYSA Director of Outreach and Grassroots

“Coaching Corps is very excited to partner with the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association as they work to grow the game of soccer through their Outreach and Grassroots Department. MSYSA’s commitment to training their coaches to be  positive transformational mentors shows their dedication to ensuring every child in Maryland has the opportunity to reap the physical and social-emotional benefits of playing youth soccer with a trained and caring adult.” Blake Maciel, Coaching Corps Program Manager

To learn more about the Maryland State Youth Soccer Association, click here.

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