Coaching Corps on Cronkite News: Social and Emotional Training for Coaches

“On the national level, organizations like Coaching Corps are also working to create a better future for young athletes. Coaching Corps has put together multiple training programs for coaches, focusing on empathy and character building and showing them how to teach the same lessons to the young athletes.”

Excerpt from: Cronkite News Arizona PBS. Manoj, Kenneth. Punt, pass and teach social, emotional learning skills: Best coaches adjust priorities.

Suzanne Sillett, Coaching Corps Director of Education and Quality recently had the chance to join Cronkite News to discuss the importance of social and emotional training for coaches.

Read the full story here:

A special thank you to Kenneth Manoj, of the Cronkite News, for inviting us to share our mission. 

To learn more about Coaching Corps’ coach training, visit our Coach Training page

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