Coaching Corps Coach Honored with President’s Council Leadership Award

Palo-Alto, CA – The President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition (PCFSN) has selected Alisha Adam to receive a 2014 PCFSN Community Leadership Award. The award is given annually to individuals or organizations who improve the lives of others within their community by providing or enhancing opportunities to engage in sports, physical activities, fitness or nutrition-related programs. 

Adam, a Stanford University student, receives this honor for her work with Coaching Corps, a non-profit organization that provides a steady stream of volunteer coaches to afterschool programs in underserved neighborhoods. As President of the Coaching Corps Stanford University chapter, her job is to recruit other students to coach teams of youth living in impoverished areas of her community. The coaches are trained by Coaching Corps to promote active lifestyles and support their players to learn life lessons through sports.   

“It’s such an honor to be recognized for this work,” says Adam. “It’s unthinkable that some kids don’t have the opportunities that I’ve had. For kids with lesser access, they aren’t able to be part of a team, be active, and have a coach to guide them.”

 “Coaching Corps has worked to consistently promote the importance of physical activity, sports and/or good nutrition throughout the community,” says Shellie Pfohl, executive director of the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. “Because of Alisha Adam’s efforts and contributions, the Palo Alto community can embrace a healthier and more active lifestyle. Together, we are all working to make our nation a healthier one.”

“Our coaches are role models for girls and boys who otherwise might not have the opportunities that more affluent families can afford,” says Janet Carter, executive director of Coaching Corps. “Alisha’s work goes beyond coaching each season. By recruiting her friends to join her, she is ensuring that thousands of children experience quality sports, gain skills that last a lifetime, and ultimately beat the odds.”

This year, the President’s Council presented the Community Leadership Award to 44 recipients across the country for making sports, physical activity, fitness, and nutrition-related programs available in their communities.

 About the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition

The President’s Council educates, engages and empowers all Americans to adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition. PCFSN is a committee of volunteer citizens who advise the President through the Secretary of Health and Human Services. Through its partnerships with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, PCFSN promotes programs and initiatives that motivate people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to lead active, healthy lifestyles. For more information about the Council, visit www.fitness.gov and follow us on Twitter @FitnessGov.

 About Coaching Corps

Coaching Corps is a non-profit organization that levels the playing field for kids in low-income communities, giving them access to supportive and well-trained volunteer coaches and involvement in team sports to inspire healthy growth and development. Over 3,700 Coaching Corps coaches have changed the game for more than 41,000 kids. For more information, visit www.CoachingCorps.org.



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