Coaching Corps Celebrates Juneteenth

Coaching Corps is proud to join millions of Americans to celebrate Juneteenth, a federal holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States.

Alongside our partners, coaches, parents, and other members of the communities we partner with, we’re working to end the exclusion of and divestment in Black Communities by seeking to co-create a more racially equitable and socially just society by expanding access to sports for youth of color and kids from low-income neighborhoods.  

Read below as we celebrate communities of color and work together to provide more opportunities for kids to benefit from the positive impact coaches can have on their lives through sports.

 Celebrating Collective Knowledge for Action

This week in Oakland, CA, the Racial Equity and Access in Youth Sports Task Force convened for a dynamic discussion to outline a sports equity agenda that will help level the playing field of youth sports as a powerful way to reduce systemic barriers. Local leaders and stakeholders have committed to finding community solutions to enable access to safe and quality sports experiences in Black and Brown neighborhoods.  READ MORE

Educating Yourself and Supporting Your Team

We know conversations about race can be challenging. Our partners at the Positive Coaching Alliance created this resource to inform dialogue with the youth you mentor, and how to develop solutions to battle racism within a sports environment.  READ MORE

The history of Juneteenth acknowledges hard history while also giving everyone a chance to be advocates for change. In this resource from Learning For Justice, you will find ways to educate yourself, learn and empower your team, and many ways to celebrate Black culture on Juneteenth and beyond.  READ MORE

 Connecting With Your Community

During the Let ‘Em Play podcast, professional athletes Darnell McDonald, Mike Cameron, and Antonio Davis, along with Coaching Corps’ Robert Marcus discuss the impact of community members who mobilize to support and connect with youth in the neighborhoods they live in.  LISTEN HERE

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