Coaching Corps Cal State Northridge

Welcome to Coaching Corps at Cal State Northridge (CSUN)! We are an innovative, community-building, service-driven entity that is run and led by our student executive committee. Through coaching, we not only build leadership skills that prepare us for successful futures, but also forge the leaders of tomorrow in the kids we serve. We provide opportunities for our members to coach girls and boys, attend events, as well as, secure much needed sporting equipment and raise funds for local afterschool programs, all while impacting the lives of children living in struggling communities. Our chapter allows you to not only spend time playing and coaching your favorite sport, but more importantly, it allows you to be a part of a rewarding, growing movement and be a powerful inspiration in a child’s life. Whether you coach one kid or help facilitate an afterschool sports clinic, your participation is what counts. Join our chapter today!

Natalie Flores: President

Eric Silva: Director of Coach Support

Karen Hernandez: Director of Athletic Engagement

Carina Huynh: Secretary

Kevin Gorman: Treasurer

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