Coaching Corps & Cal Athletics Host the 8th Annual College Sports Day

Last Sunday, dozens of youth from across the Bay Area joined Coaching Corps coaches and Cal Athletes to take over Kabam Field at Memorial Stadium for the 8th Annual College Sports Day.

College Sports Day showcases all of the great work that Coaching Corps volunteers do every day in low-income communities across the country. Each coach is trained and supported to use their practices, games and scrimmages to teach vital life lessons like persistence, empathy and perseverance; Lessons that their young players take off of the courts and fields and into their classrooms and communities.

Cal Student Athletes led the charge, with enough in attendance to offer each young player quality one-on-one coaching in over 15 sports. Rackets were swung and volleys were hit with the tennis team. Participants executed their first flips and cartwheels with the gymnastics team. Water Polo players awaited their fate at the dunk tank and football players ran real-life drills for excited youngsters. Teamwork was the word of the day.

The smiles on the faces of the kids, parents, coaches and athletes are one of the many indications that College Sports Day was – yet again – a raging success.
This unforgettable day was made possible through the partnership between Cal Athletics and Coaching Corps, with special help from the UC Santa Cruz and Cal Coaching Corps chapters.

We can’t wait to do it again in the spring!

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