The Magic of Our Coach Training​

From the Beginning

Since 2012, Coaching Corps has recruited and trained people to be sports coaches to kids living in underserved communities who rarely have access to organized sports and their benefits.

Our coach trainings are informed by youth development research to best teach kids important life skills like leadership, teamwork and problem-solving.

Coaching Corps Training Program

We developed our coach trainings based on the latest research. We are constantly evolving our trainings to respond to new findings and to try new techniques that best support kids.

Here’s what distinguishes our trainings from others:


All our trainings are informed by the latest research.


Trauma impacts kids but doesn’t define them. We train coaches to understand the impact of trauma and to see beyond it to build upon kids’ strengths.


Our trainers have experience in sports, coaching, and youth development.


Our digital platforms contain resources and tools so coaches can get trained anywhere, anytime.


Access to our digital platforms provides active coaches with ongoing support and connection to fellow coaches.

We support people on their individual coach development journeys to take the trainings that interest them. 

However, we recommend taking the Coaching for Youth Development training first to create a foundational understanding of coaching kids.

Coaching for Youth Development Training

Prepares coaches to create a program where kids say: I am protected, I am seen, I have choices, I am capable, I matter, and what I do matters.

Coaching for Character Training

Prepares coaches to build social emotional skills in young people. These skills support kids to develop optimism, persistence, and the ability to regulate their emotions and behaviors.

Coaching with Empathy

Teaches coaches to create an empathetic environment and connections with kids. With deep listening and self-reflection, coaches learn to develop strong relationships with kids and to create supportive and healing environments.

(Online Version Coming Soon)

Coaching Corps Coach Training Certification Program

With the completion of each training, coaches automatically receive certification for that training, and become more prepared to support kids to learn, grow and thrive.

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If you’re interested in becoming a coach, or you’re with an afterschool program and would like to partner with us, contact: or 510-496-5114.