Healing-Centered Engagement (HCE)

“I am more than what happened to me, I’m not just my trauma.”

Our coach trainings are rooted in healing-centered engagement (HCE). 

HCE expert, professor, author and activist, Dr. Shawn Ginwright, says:

“Healing-centered approach to addressing trauma requires a different question that moves beyond “what happened to you” to “what’s right with you” and views those exposed to trauma as agents in the creation of their own well-being rather than victims of traumatic events.”

HCE also focuses on the possibilities and “what we want to achieve, rather than merely treating emotional and behavioral symptoms of trauma.”

HCE in Sports

We prepare our coaches to use HCE to create a holistic approach to support kids’ well-being. By tapping into the inherent features of sports—physical activity, team building, skill building and structure—our coaches create spaces that foster kids’ overall physical, social and emotional development.

Empathy—understanding without bias and judgement—is the foundation of HCE and the magic to connecting with children. It is also at the root of all our trainings. Our coaches are not social workers, but they must understand kids’ experiences off the field in order to support them.

All kids need to have a sense of safety and connection before they are able to learn and play, especially kids living with trauma. With HCE, we train coaches to create a space where kids feel safe, connected, and understood, and have the opportunity to build upon existing strengths.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach, or you’re with an afterschool program and would like to partner with us, contact Shannon Burns: shannon.b@coachingcorps.org or 510-496-5114.