Chapter of the Year: California State University, Northridge

Cal State Northridge went through an explosive transformation this year!

Five new leaders, who had never met one another before joining Coaching Corps, created a strong bond through their passion for our mission. It was this connection that brought on CSUN’s most successful year ever!

All year long, the CSUN leaders were involved in countless leadership meetings, tabling events, classroom presentations, meetings with faculty, and Coach Huddles, designed to support their coaches during the season. The leaders also wanted a way to acknowledge and thank their coaches for being game changers for kids in Northridge, and organized a Coach Appreciation Event, the first official CSUN Coaching Corps event. It was so successful, they have already planned another Coach Appreciation Event for end of the school year.

“It was a collective effort that turned out to be a successful night for our CSUN Coaching Corps team, and made all the hard work for the Fall 2015 season to be so worth it” said Ivan San Pedro, CSUN Chapter President.

All that work paid off. Right now, the leadership team at CSUN has managed to recruit and place coaches for every kid in need at the Coaching Corps sites in Northridge! They shattered their goals for the year.

“They are always looking for ways to connect with other student groups,” said Priya Sodha, Regional Program Manager for Los Angeles, “The name is spreading on campus and instead of us seeking out people to help us, we are now getting contacted about our program because of the tremendous effort this leadership team has made.”

Interested in joining coaches like the ones at CSUN in the movement to make a difference through sport. Join our team.

Your support means a child has a chance to work with a consistent mentor that is invested in his or her well-being. Help us provide a trained coach to kids that are waiting for a chance to play.

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