Celebrating International Women’s Day

Coaching Corps is proud to celebrate International Women’s Day – a global day marking the social, economic, cultural, political and athletic achievements of women. Together with our coaches and partners, we strive to create more opportunities for girls and women in sports. International Women’s Day also marks a call to action for accelerating women’s equity on the court and field, in the classroom, and beyond. Read on to learn more about our developing Gender Equity Initiative and how we look to highlight and activate around the 50th anniversary of Title IX later this summer!

Our Emerging Gender Equity Initiative

We are pleased to be developing our new Coaching Corps Gender Equity Initiative, building on decades of organizational work to support girls and women in sports. The Initiative aims to eliminate gender inequity in youth sports, focusing on growing the numbers of girls of color playing sports and equalizing their sports experiences while increasing the numbers of women of color coaching and coaches overall supporting girls. The Initiative further seeks to promote the multiple dimensions of gender equity with respect to all kids, coaches, and stakeholders. More information and ways to engage with the Gender Equity Initiative are coming soon!

Title IX’s 50th

This year is special in that Title IX—the federal legislation requiring gender equity in education, including educational-based athletics programming—turns 50 on June 23, 2022! Great strides have been made under the law, with girls and women being afforded millions more opportunities to play school-oriented sports and a more “level playing field” on campuses regarding access to coaching, facilities, scheduling, and more. And there’s more work to be done to ensure girls and women, plus all interested in sports participation, can equally enjoy the incredible lifelong benefits of play. Coaching Corps is participating in and supporting a number of Title IX anniversary events this year – what is your community planning to applaud and advance this landmark law? Please let us know if you need help and/or ideas!

“Girls in Motion” Summit June 2022 in partnership with Alliance for a Healthier Generation

One of the many ways we are celebrating the Title IX anniversary and continually advancing gender equity in sports and physical activity for girls and women is by joining the Alliance for a Healthier Generation to host a special virtual summit in June of this year. We will be sharing more details as the event approaches and look forward to convening a wide range of esteemed panelists for contemporary, impactful conversations and professional development focusing on the incredible progress made under Title IX, as well as opportunities to create a more sustainable, healthier future where all young people are active and thriving over the next 50 years. We will be sharing more details as the event approaches.

Stay Connected

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