Celebrate National Coaches Day!


Sports has been my best outlet in life. It’s been a positive place to give it my all, be free, and exert all my energy.

Sports is also the reason I met my coach, on and off the court – Shawn Granberry.

‘Coach’ is not just a reference to basketball – Coach Shawn is my life coach. Beyond helping me improve my basketball game, Shawn has taught and shown me lessons I will share with my kids when I’m a dad.

Because of Coach Shawn, I know that the secret to a meaningful life is looking out for others and contributing to my community. I’m proud to be from Oakland, and I was really proud when Shawn invited me to be part of Coaching Corps’ effort to support my hometown when the pandemic first hit.

Today is National Coaches Day, and I want to give a big shout-out to Coach Shawn, Coaching Corps, and all the coaches making a big difference in the lives of kids who need an extra assist. Thank you for being there!

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I know firsthand that great coaches build strong teams and provide life-long mentorship. And I’m proud to say that I’m now a coach, too. I’m honored to wear my Coaching Corps shirt and get in the game to help kids.

Coaching Corps believes that great coaches deserve more than one day of recognition. Join me and Coaching Corps in recognizing great coaches like Coach Shawn through our National Coaches Day Celebration! Your gift helps us be ready to support kids who need it most, on and off the court.


In Community,

Josh Jones

Coaching Corps Coach

PS: I’m passing the ball to USC Women’s Basketball Head Coach, Lindsay Gottlieb, to share her story – don’t miss it!

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