Cal Womens Basketball Packs the “Haas” for Coaching Corps!

Congratulations to the California Golden Bears Women’s Basketball Team for a fabulous season!

A critical component of expanding Coaching Corps and changing the game for 500,000 girls and boys are our partnerships with colleges and universities across the nation. And this is certainly true about our partnership with the UC Berkeley Athletics Department.  This affiliation combined with the work of our on-campus Coaching Corps chapter means that 46 Coaching Corps coaches touch the lives of over 500 kids every single week.

Our relationship with the Cal Women’s Basketball team has been particularly rewarding. Each year, the team sponsors the “We Assist, You Assist” program which serves as a fundraiser for an organization.  Fans are encouraged to pledge either a flat rate or a specified amount for each assist the team records for the season.   This year, they chose to “assist” Coaching Corps, raising a total of $2,350.00 for us!

And it doesn’t end there!

“Pack the House” is a national effort sponsored by the NCAA in which conferences and institutions compete to build attendance at games.  The NCAA then awards prizes and donates $500 to the nonprofit organization of each winning institution’s choice.

The UC Berkeley women athletes were both the Pac-12 Conference and national winners in the NCAA Division I “Pack the House” Challenge and their charity of choice is Coaching Corps!

“Coaching Corps does a tremendous job of encouraging basketball participation for local Bay Area youth,” said Lindsay Gottlieb, head coach of the California Women’s Basketball team.   “We have enjoyed partnering with them this season and are looking forward to working with them to get more kids on the court in the future.”

We are so grateful for our growing partnership with Cal Athletics and the Cal Women’s Basketball team!

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