Andrea Quinones – Rivera

Andrea Quiñones–Rivera (Dre), is a medical student at the UCSF School of Medicine in the PRIME program for the Urban Underserved. She earned her B.S. degree in Molecular Biology from UC Santa Cruz where she launched a Coaching Corps Chapter in 2012. She grew up playing soccer and experienced first-hand the impact that sports and coaches make in the lives of youth.

Throughout college Andrea worked in the public health fields and was involved in HIV testing, health education, policy research, advocacy work, and coaching. She has also been a clinic coordinator for the LGBTQ Suitcase Clinic in Berkeley since its founding. After graduating college, Andrea worked as a clinical case manager for HIV-positive and low-income Latinos in San Francisco. She is a huge fan of soccer and enjoys salsa dancing and adventuring.

The UC PRIME initiative seeks to address the needs of many of California’s most disadvantaged groups and communities. Each program is structured as five-year MD with Master’s programs that will prepare students as clinicians, leaders and advocates for their communities. While PRIME-US focuses on the urban underserved, other campuses train physicians for working with other underserved communities, including rural populations and Latino communities.