Be Ready For a Sneak Peek Of Our New Campaign

Today, we are proud to unveil a sneak peek of our new coach recruitment campaign that will be launching nationwide next week.

The goal of the campaign is to recruit more youth coaches and train them to leverage youth sports in effort to help kids become the best versions of themselves.

While the pandemic and its effects have had a profound impact on youth across the country, the shortage of coaches to meet the needs of young people in low-income communities of color has never been greater.

As we have approached this challenge with even greater vigor, we found that many times the biggest barrier to recruitment is the misperception that you need to be good at sports to be great at coaching. And while a passion for sports is beneficial, a passion to change the lives of young people is what matters the most to our kids.

What we hear from so many youth in our programs is this desire to have a caring adult in their lives and someone that they can look up to who will be there for them. A caring adult who can share their life lessons and help them feel supported.

It was these words that ultimately inspired us to create this campaign, so we thought it was only fitting it should be delivered with their voice.

It is with great pride that we share with you, ‘Dear Coach,’ a love letter to coaches everywhere from the kids who need them most.

Coaching Opportunities Now Available!

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