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  • How do I become a Coaching Corps coach?
    It’s easy! Click here to learn about the requirements and fill out an application.
  • How often will I coach?
    We ask for an 8-10-week commitment and just 2-4 hours a week. You can also coach for just a few hours your first season to learn the ropes and then fully commit in your second season!
  • Who will I coach?
    You will coach girls and boys who live in underserved communities.
  • What sports can I coach?
    The sport you coach depends on the afterschool program you are placed in. Our coaches work with a wide array of sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball, running, boxing and yoga!
  • What if I’ve never coached before?
    Don’t worry – we’ll train you! You will also receive support from Coaching Corps and can reach out to us with any questions or concerns.
  • How will I be supported?
    There is a dynamic online training at the beginning of each season. Additionally, there are webinars, curriculum and Coaching Corps staff in your region to ensure your coaching experience is a great one.
  • How do I get a Coaching Corps coach at my program?
    Click here to learn what steps you need to take to bring a coach to your afterschool program.
  • What skills will a Coaching Corps coach bring to my afterschool program?
    Coaching Corps Coaches are volunteers who come to your program with training in youth development, behavior management, character-building and positive team culture. Coaches are also supported throughout the season with webinars, curricula, coach huddles and other resources.
  • Where do you operate?
    We operate throughout the country and are growing! Currently, we work in California, Georgia, Maryland, Florida, and Massachusetts.
  • How can I donate?
    You can support us by making an online contribution, or find additional ways to support our programs by clicking here.
  • How do I know my gift will make a difference?
    Studies show that nearly 9 million at-risk youth will reach adulthood without having a mentor. When you support Coaching Corps, you help our coaches enable youth to thrive as individuals and grow into the next generation of leaders.
  • Can I work with you?
    Visit our Careers page for ideas on how to work with us and to find a list of our current job and internship opportunities.