Thank you for your interest in our work! Below you will find our latest annual report and financials which showcase our work with community partners and underserved communities nationwide. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

In March, as a global pandemic descended, Coaching Corps jumped in to support the urgent needs suddenly facing our families and young people. Sports were immediately halted, and it became clear that in order to truly help, we needed to focus our efforts on essential services, such as assisting local food banks, tutoring student-athletes online, and donating at blood banks as the country’s blood supply ran precariously low.

We saw the impact of great coaches coast to coast and were reminded every step of the way of the value of getting kids off the sidelines and into the game. Our work was made possible by the generosity of donors and the commitment and partnership of afterschool programs who share Coaching Corps’ dedication to bringing kids the experience of consistent mentorship and healthy development through sports.