Coach Perspective: 2016 Team Captain Retreat

Recently, we invited college student leaders (Team Captains) from across the country for a weekend retreat – during which we prepared them to recruit and support volunteer Coaching Corps coaches throughout their seasons. The focus for the retreat, alongside providing best practices, was to build and enhance the community of volunteer coaches.

One Team Captain, Samantha from California State University-Los Angeles, gave us a bit of insight into her experience at the Team Captain retreat. Check out her thoughts below!

FB_IMG_1471199594853“Not knowing what to expect made me nervous for the Team Captain retreat. The first couple hours, I was still reserved and to myself. After I talked to more Team Captains, I found that we had many things in common. What really opened us up was when we were allowed to play on the practice field. Some of the Team Captains needed more people to start a game of soccer, so I joined in! I was really rusty, but that game allowed me to bond and let loose. We were encouraging each other and strategizing well together! We ended the day with gelato and we got to know each other better.

I knew the second day was going to be long, but exciting. We did a lot of team exercises and competitions. I will have to admit that I am a very competitive person, but knowing I had an awesome team supporting me made me focus on having fun with the challenges. The best challenge was the balloon relay! You can just imagine trying to get a balloon from point A to point B in so much wind! By the end of our eventful day I was able to grow close to many new people. On the third day, we said our goodbyes. We met up one last time and shared our thoughts. I was so surprised with how much I learned from everyone to take back to our Cal State LA team. It was tough to let go with all the stressful things in my life, but being with all the Team Captains made me forget about my worries. The Team Captain retreat was an awesome experience and everyone helped create an amazing atmosphere. I know I will be ready for a great year and to provide the kids in my community with coaches that will teach them life skills on and off the court or field.”

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